Saying spells summons syllables

My metaschematic language of words, meta-database of words you have heard, a glossolalist singing lies for the herd. Signature ligatures, symbolic lines, symphonic semantics, cymbals and chimes. Muscles that move in meticulous time, Not all miraculous signs are divine. The… Read More ›

Semi – tonics

Could you hear me singing in your sleep? Do you listen for me in the wind? Do you read between my lines? What a fascinating fashion when we gather in formation. New thing, the pendulum swings. A secret smile is… Read More ›

My blog is not my business

(Reposted… and… I realise that the layout I mention here is not the same as my current layout. I still hate everything do and make though. Aesthetics are important to me, I just have garbage visual taste.) Modernmysticmother.com is my… Read More ›

Red Eye Movie Star

Thank the PCTC for all the hard work they try to inject into the youth of society. Lets do our part, all in the communikey. Open your eyes to the vanilla skies that you painted with your tongue. Open your… Read More ›

Wake up, Wednesday.

Holy shit stop censoring yourself and allow the words that flow so freely from your mouth be diverted to flow through your fingers as you type this message. Remember bitch, remember. It is a book. A beginning of a potential… Read More ›