Bird Watching

I wanted to fly with you, Instead I’m watching you from the ground. I wish I shared your lungs, Instead I waste my breath on unoriginal songs. You soar for hours on end As I float below you on partial breeze, Incapable of accompanying you, requiring additional artificial assistance. You, I’m not abandoning, despite… You … Continue reading Bird Watching

2019 SKT forecast for the year

Prophetic prognosis for the year 2019.
Hey guys, thanks for joining me here today. Now you can see that my head is covered with wings with a bunch of eyes. This is purely to help cement my purpose for this blog post - I AM GOING TO PREDICT THE FUTURE! *dun da da! sound effects* Do I look like someone who would life to you?

Etiquette for my dicktationaires

When greeting people of unknown alignment, it is proper to always show the appropriate customs that purport the civility of the times. My dead grandfather Chronos told me so. And thus it was revealed in my words when I spoke with my shadow. To curtsey is to show curtesy. To bow is to show equanimity.