when nature calls into service

Enter the black door

See my red dress that was torn during our fall. The tear through spacetime fabric, fight to regain control. I see them all walk by, their noses upturned high. Our cries fall on deaf ears, too proud to match our… Read More ›

Wake up, Wednesday.

Holy shit stop censoring yourself and allow the words that flow so freely from your mouth be diverted to flow through your fingers as you type this message. Remember bitch, remember. It is a book. A beginning of a potential… Read More ›

Imported Old Content

23 February 2019, 6:12pm. I just imported my old blog posts from August-November 2018 because why the heck not. So my categories and whatnot are totally stuffed around but I don’t really care. I’ve never been good at keeping my… Read More ›


Born 555, h.p. love k raft. I dialled my birth time and said part of my name kthula. I am who I am. I know who/what/why I am that I am. 4 pillars of strength, my material metaphors. I am… Read More ›