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PART 2 of my skull crushing mountain

15 December 2018, time is 3:20 am. A continuation from the previous post because fuck it, shit gets too long to read. EVEN 1500 WORDS IS TOO MUCH. SO… I tend to just… if I know I’m going to go way over 2000 words, I totally have to break it up. SO. EVERYTHING I AM

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The back streets are back open, all right?

I drive a Jeep and I can be pretty patriotic, or patronising, or priapractic. Ugh. Stuff. Andyways. I think we can’t just have this story telling time here. We need to pile on in to my car ass I take us on an off roading mother fucking adventure, just… 80 km per hour over gravel

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Good morning, baby.

It is almost 6am, 30th November, and I wanted to write something just in case I don’t have the chance to update something here later on today. You know how it is, right? What I’m like? Soooo super sensitive to the movements and requirements and requests and implied implications of everyone around me as I

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