The Ides of Mars.

Beware the turning point for the equinox is the deadline to settle your debts. The ants are Martius, hoo-rah!  MARCH Mon 4thRise up and march forth, shimmy for Shiva Monday all night long.Tue 5thPancake Tuesday; Mercury retrograde.Wed 6thAsh Wednesday; new moon Pisces; Uranus in Taurus.Thu 7thMercury retrogradeFri 8thWoo for women's day on FridayFri 15thThe Ides of … Continue reading The Ides of Mars.


He gazed adoringly at the blossoming wild flower. His glaze lingered over the budding form, taking in the vibrant colour and admiring the dainty and distinct formation of its petals. He wondered how such a thing of beauty could grow amidst the wild and untamed thorny landscape. He longed to reach out and touch the … Continue reading Flowers