He gazed adoringly at the blossoming wild flower. His glaze lingered over the budding form, taking in the vibrant colour and admiring the dainty and distinct formation of its petals. He wondered how such a thing of beauty could grow amidst the wild and untamed thorny landscape. He longed to reach out and touch the … Continue reading Flowers

4Phore, the Family’s Phosphorescent Fanny Fronttiern

Silencing science with nonsense non-science. Knitting knots, knot-science knot-scious. Science conscience conscious. Conscious subconscious unconscious. Super conscious, supra conscious. Supersede supersonic supra-scionic. Super psychic, psychotic, psych-iconic, psycho-naut, nautical, nought naughty, knot nought and crosses. Family, nuclear family, nucleus, inner core, bound, fission fusion fissure, fishing fisting, fisticuffs, fighting. Fight or flight, fright, bright freight eight … Continue reading 4Phore, the Family’s Phosphorescent Fanny Fronttiern