Renegade Empty

Where do you go When they close all the doors? There’s no place for you, Vacancy is few. With thousands of rooms And beds for two, Empty is now full. You, they exclude. Don’t beg from me To give you… Read More ›

Bare book borrowed

Braving the cold, Baring the soul, Exposing the skin And hair. Waiting in queue To use a computer, The bag over your shoulder Covers your back, But I see every curve Of your anatomy. Oblivious to the stares, The sniggers,… Read More ›

light 3:17

The room shone brighter, Glare of the mirrors blinding. Each shadow must flee.   A halo on fire, The shadows lick at the walls. Where dark and light meet.   Darkness disappears, A candle flickers inside. Light has conquered dark…. Read More ›

Rerun 019: Metaphilosopher

22 August 2018 I think too much, too hard, about everything. All the time. I am constantly thinking about my existence along with everyone’s existence, but not independently. It is rather that I change and constantly reinvent myself and my… Read More ›