Anonymous K

Erase my face, Blot out my name, Silhouette remains; Empty cache. It has happened again. Repeat the program. A slave to their game, A loyal servant. Erase my words, Delete every phrase. My epitaph you rewrite For you must always… Read More ›

The Holy Ghost

I have scheduled posts. I started setting them up since the close of last month. So… I guess what I’m trying to say is goodbye. Again. I know I’ve said that a bunch of times. And I never follow through…. Read More ›

I only wanted help

To find balance. At the tip of this carefully honed knife. The balanced blade. 2 of swords, the blind seer. The declared choice has been made. I wish (my/ki/me) would just go and kill you(her)self. I’m a genie in a… Read More ›