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PART 3 of the skullcrusher mountaineering

15 December 2018, 5:11 am. I’m still not done with the skullcrusher mountain song by Jonathon Coulter. Mountains are fucking massive, I live along the great dividing range. I guess that’s why I’m a ranger or scout. The OG Pink Power Ranger, a might morphing animorph. Or a xenomorph. I am Xena the warrior princess, or more

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Come on, square pusher. I need you.

Look look look. Yeah I’m in a state of total and utter hypomania. Green Day sings to be woken up when September ends, well fuck, as September was ending I was being forced to go back to sleep by the rhythm of the war drums. The Harley Quinn in me retired after her thoat was

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Emptiness is nothing you can share

It’s 5:30 in the morning. Everyone is asleep, so quiescent. You aimlessly walk around the cold, silent house. You feel so tragically empty, yet so emotionally exhausted from… from what? You don’t even know. Your thoughts are of everything and thus of nothing. You know what you feel but to be able to express them,

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