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mmmother is the mmmesiah. You’ve made in time for phase 2 WHORE!!!!

16 December 2018, 8:18am. I woke up approximately 90 minutes ago and I know the fucking perfect song for right now. Oh oh, I do want to emphasise I am AUSTRALIAN. Nationally, patriotically, citizenship and rah rah. This is my home land for I was born here. IDGAF that I do not have any family history

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WHAT THE FUCKING HELL. Either way… drain on, strive onwards and upwards.

10:01am and I don’t know what the fuck is wrong with everything. I hate technology. I have everything. Ugh! But hey, Sailor Mercury out of the Sailor Scouts just.. I dunno. Fcuking something. SOMETHING. I am too fast. But the world just keeps on turning and I’m a human person being, existing on the this

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Faint Tracings of Vanity Veins

6:14 am, 3 December 2018. Happiest of solar revolutions to the original sky walker, Luke.  It appears the Jedi and Sith truly now have parted ways… which fucking sucks but I know we are not fictional. We are but the extroverts in our introverted oceanic worlds. So it makes sense that we may be seen as captains of two opposing

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