You may want to put on some Fisticuffs

What are we fighting? Stupidity. Stoic stubbornness masquerading as spiritual sovereignty Moses scribed on Sinai. Or over-simplicity. Stencils and silhouettes and shadows as special or scanned and spammed salted pork specs. Bicep flex. What kind of training does this involve? Shit stirring, flipping out randomly, jumping to multiple conclusions at once. Also bone grinding for … Continue reading You may want to put on some Fisticuffs

Eo nomine

I have so many fucking ideas. So many wells of inspiration from which to write. And I know I have it in me to produce writing that titillates the pleasures and this is different for everyone. I produce a kind of experience, if sensation is what you seek. I reveal the invisible links and threads … Continue reading Eo nomine

Enneagram 8

The enneagram is another personality assessments where you answer questions and it slots you into a one out of 9 types. Yes, I know there are more than 9 results or analytic types (taking into consideration the 'wings' and etc whatever?). But it generally has the 9 types and the wings are modifiers of that … Continue reading Enneagram 8