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Good morning, sunshine! I’m solar powered

1600 words, Started writing at 7:25am /¬†ready to publish,¬†10:10 am. FUck ya. Good morning world. It’s 9th December, 2018. 7:25am. When you live in on this side of the meridian line, it can seem like we live in the future. But really, it’s just the time zone of the calculated by the degree the sun

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Good morning, baby.

It is almost 6am, 30th November, and I wanted to write something just in case I don’t have the chance to update something here later on today. You know how it is, right? What I’m like? Soooo super sensitive to the movements and requirements and requests and implied implications of everyone around me as I

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Here is my heart

It’s been broken, it’s been wounded. And I lay it here on the table for us to inspect it for everything can become a teachable moment if you know how to spin it. By the way, may no mind the gaping hole in my chest. That is from a completely unrelated matter.. I don’t so

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