I made a list of my interests.

learning, philosophy, linguistics, writing, archetypes, esoteric and occult studies, speaking, dialogue and discourse, symbols, semiotics, mythology, personal history, psychoanalysis, mental health, familial history, identity, personality, cognition, the concept of the soul, femininity, sex, bdsm, divinity, divination, colours, music, singing, drama, performing, escapism, addiction, sublimity, etymology, psychic phenomena, mind control and subversion, intelligence, relativity, subjective vs … Continue reading I made a list of my interests.

Eo nomine

I have so many fucking ideas. So many wells of inspiration from which to write. And I know I have it in me to produce writing that titillates the pleasures and this is different for everyone. I produce a kind of experience, if sensation is what you seek. I reveal the invisible links and threads … Continue reading Eo nomine

My mind is a horror show, splish splash Pontypool of lava

It might be better for you all if you don't understand me. My problem? I only ever wanted to be understood... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ehq2a8lum_4 2008? The year I started university. The year my daughter was born. I went into labour noon 4th July (Australian Eastern Standard Time). She was born 5th July, at 3:53am. She is wonderful. … Continue reading My mind is a horror show, splish splash Pontypool of lava