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PART 4: SCrMtn interluke where hey it’s the sea monkeys

15 December 2018, 6:31 am. Motherfucking lets include links and list it. Sunken battleships descending the horizon and don’t forget to breathe. We are not swimming. The story so far. I gave you the song skullcrusher mountain because I’m looking for Sara Layton AND Barney Stinson. I keep fucking losing my placement and shit because

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Proof I am a 100% qualified doctor

1802 words. Read it if you’re literate and/or so inclined. I wrote it anyway TODAY, JUST NOW (except for the bit where I said I copied and pasted it from an email exchange yesterday) | 5th December, 2018. Dawn. I like to write at dawn. THIS IS MY APOCALYPSE, NOW. Yesterday was my sundown. It’s

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One of a trinity

I need music I need melody I can move my body I can be free, be me Get inside me, in my body It helps me feel alive I want you to fill me in my body Plug all 27 sphincters inside So many holes, so little time If I can smoothie blend you Will

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