Red Eye Movie Star

Thank the PCTC for all the hard work they try to inject into the youth of society. Lets do our part, all in the communikey. Open your eyes to the vanilla skies that you painted with your tongue. Open your… Read More ›

Imported Old Content

23 February 2019, 6:12pm. I just imported my old blog posts from August-November 2018 because why the heck not. So my categories and whatnot are totally stuffed around but I don’t really care. I’ve never been good at keeping my… Read More ›

Tweet tweet twiddly see me

Gonna rock around the Robynsnest tonight 🙂 (16 January 2019, 12:43am AEST) Because Robyn shared a Weezer song “don’t knock the hustle” and she highlighted a particular line which reminded me of the above Instagram post I shared in my… Read More ›