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Good morning, baby.

It is almost 6am, 30th November, and I wanted to write something just in case I don’t have the chance to update something here later on today. You know how it is, right? What I’m like? Soooo super sensitive to the movements and requirements and requests and implied implications of everyone around me as I

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Sticky notes remind me

Sticky notes – or “post its” – are useful as reminders. I’m sticking this up here to remind me about stuff. And you remind you (if you come across the “blog” webpage, not in your wordpress reader). My abstract: K is a real life person I am human – not an alien, an animal nor

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One of a trinity

I need music I need melody I can move my body I can be free, be me Get inside me, in my body It helps me feel alive I want you to fill me in my body Plug all 27 sphincters inside So many holes, so little time If I can smoothie blend you Will

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