god killer

Anonymous K

Erase my face, Blot out my name, Silhouette remains; Empty cache. It has happened again. Repeat the program. A slave to their game, A loyal servant. Erase my words, Delete every phrase. My epitaph you rewrite For you must always… Read More ›

Wake up in the light

The patron guardians overseeing this leg of the journey. Somethings should be kept hidden, secret and safe. Your spirit is not one of those things. White buffalo woman is about peace and spirituality, developing personal rituals in ones life. And… Read More ›

The Holy Ghost

I have scheduled posts. I started setting them up since the close of last month. So… I guess what I’m trying to say is goodbye. Again. I know I’ve said that a bunch of times. And I never follow through…. Read More ›

I only wanted help

To find balance. At the tip of this carefully honed knife. The balanced blade. 2 of swords, the blind seer. The declared choice has been made. I wish (my/ki/me) would just go and kill you(her)self. I’m a genie in a… Read More ›

Bleeding Venus

Bloody Mary, you cursed her name for she figured out your wretched game. Lilith was a problem so you snuffed her out with Eve, until she too outgrew you. Zebra stripes in a concrete jungle, the greyjoy Zeus civility monochrome… Read More ›

Venus in 7th scorpio

A couple more blasts from the past, pieces I had written but didn’t post as they were just half assed silhouettes of possible ideas… Ursula’s recent post about using astrology to talk about blogging made me think of the following…… Read More ›