Your words are sperm

Ready, aim, fire. Put out the fire. Extinguish the flames of fiery thought with thick, gelatinous words. For words are sounds that have form. Spew forth from the hose of your throat, an ethereal concoction invisible as germs. Puppet masters manipulate shepherds. Plant the seed of thoughts and ideas into your gooey brain. It may … Continue reading Your words are sperm

My psychological archetype is DESTRUCTO! Hoo-rah-roar! *Godzilla screech*

Took the free psychological archetype quiz at (which is an absolutely hilarious oxymoron right there) and here is my result. (Copied and pasted the text, but the images are my own inclusions.) The Destroyer One very essential part of our journeys of self-exploration is to understand the underlying motivations that drive a lot of … Continue reading My psychological archetype is DESTRUCTO! Hoo-rah-roar! *Godzilla screech*