Your words inspire me

My friends, my fellow writers here upon WordPress. Lend me your time as you read my feeble words inscribed upon this digital wall of letters and light. I want you to know how much I appreciate reading your soul. You… Read More ›

Enter the black door

See my red dress that was torn during our fall. The tear through spacetime fabric, fight to regain control. I see them all walk by, their noses upturned high. Our cries fall on deaf ears, too proud to match our… Read More ›

Eidolone Summoning (FM04)

Kestrel relievings My tired family day, genealogy branch I trace the small predatory bird of quietest praise. Shadowy trill, the nosedive thrill. Highest perception of unpronounced skill. Final fantasy destiny to crash and burn upon the pinnacle of man’s temple… Read More ›

Orpheum Summoning (FM03)

Thestrals receiving My little brother, buy me a pony. Oh brother, where art thou? Ride my battle steed. You look up to me for personality. My fame, my name, my face. Tiger blood in this rat race. Mister miser, supplicant,… Read More ›

Ancestral Summoning (FM02)

Ancestral beginnings To my voice, the ghost of the ages, penetrate her story of forgotten unspoken history. Peter’s keys on a chain, for heaven sake, which opens which gate again? Marcy, what, ano anak. Mary, link, bring him back. Inday,… Read More ›

Barcab driver

It’s funny the bits of memory we retain, and when they decide to come bubbling to the surface. First slowly and then suddenly all at once. You were on the bus, yet I don’t remember if you were coming or… Read More ›


Hephaesteus the blacksmith, Ares the warrior and Aphrodite the lover. Njord, Freyr and Freya. Samael, Lucifer and Lilith. Krishna, Shiva and Shakti. Enlil, Enki and Ninmah. Mordred, Merlin and Nimueh. Apsu, Lahmu and Lamashtu. The father, the son and the… Read More ›

Descended from Demeter

I’ve already made known that I am the angel of death. My psychological archetype is the destroyer, apparently, and I just cannot help myself from grubbing up that pesky invisible 4th wall. It’s an inherent character trait (flaw?)  of mine… Read More ›