Re-Direct my intentions

I forget what I’m doing or trying to achieve. There are so many dreams I aspire to reach, etch my name in the corner with the other great wannabes. This website (modern mystic mother) is a chaotic vom-bucket I throw… Read More ›

My blog is not my business

(Reposted… and… I realise that the layout I mention here is not the same as my current layout. I still hate everything do and make though. Aesthetics are important to me, I just have garbage visual taste.) Modernmysticmother.com is my… Read More ›

Free(dumb) Writer

Freelance Writer By being here I assume you are at least somewhat familiar with my writing style. Just in case you might not know (and it hasn’t clicked yet that this whole website is representative of my writing style), the… Read More ›

Faint Tracings of Vanity Veins

6:14 am, 3 December 2018. Happiest of solar revolutions to the original sky walker, Luke.  It appears the Jedi and Sith truly now have parted ways… which fucking sucks but I know we are not fictional. We are but the extroverts in our introverted oceanic… Read More ›