PSA: Ghosts of the past

PEW-PEW ∝‡≡≡››-  –  – (Psychic Empathic Wisdom from Pictures & Energy & Words) Of course you want your tarot read by me. I’m shooting lasers. It’s ancient wisdom delivered in a futuristic (contemporary) way. CARD #42 GHOSTS OF THE PASTThe past returns for a time... Hah, at the start of the year I posted my 2019 tarot divination to foretell what … Continue reading PSA: Ghosts of the past

The Holy Ghost

I have scheduled posts. I started setting them up since the close of last month. So... I guess what I'm trying to say is goodbye. Again. I know I've said that a bunch of times. And I never follow through. I mean, I never really leave because I always come back. I don't know what … Continue reading The Holy Ghost