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Re-Direct my intentions

I forget what I’m doing or trying to achieve. There are so many dreams I aspire to reach, etch my name in the corner with the other great wannabes. This website (modern mystic mother) is a chaotic vom-bucket I throw… Read More ›

Enter the black door

See my red dress that was torn during our fall. The tear through spacetime fabric, fight to regain control. I see them all walk by, their noses upturned high. Our cries fall on deaf ears, too proud to match our… Read More ›


Born 555, h.p. love k raft. I dialled my birth time and said part of my name kthula. I am who I am. I know who/what/why I am that I am. 4 pillars of strength, my material metaphors. I am… Read More ›

Mercury’s Direction

Mercury goes direct. Which way towards where? The frequency of the chariot of change. Jupiter in Sagittarius. The father of father, he has returned for me. I was my father’s mercury, I was the apple of his eye. No apples… Read More ›