Statement of intent

Somewhere along the way I lost myself and sense of purpose. They're scattered all throughout here like shards of porcelain. In all my frenetic singing and dancing (figurative prancercising) I've basically stomped all my pieces to dust, I can never retrieve them. I can prance, walk like a dance, everyone check out my pants. I … Continue reading Statement of intent

I made a list of my interests.

learning, philosophy, linguistics, writing, archetypes, esoteric and occult studies, speaking, dialogue and discourse, symbols, semiotics, mythology, personal history, psychoanalysis, mental health, familial history, identity, personality, cognition, the concept of the soul, femininity, sex, bdsm, divinity, divination, colours, music, singing, drama, performing, escapism, addiction, sublimity, etymology, psychic phenomena, mind control and subversion, intelligence, relativity, subjective vs … Continue reading I made a list of my interests.

Antigenesis – the beginning of the end of the new world

Let's see. How do we relate this in an onomastic, bombastic, fantastic phantasmic way? For clarity must be communicated to retrace these paths and steps if necessary again I do like to endure and ensure lessons are learned. Makes for a thorough and crystallized educational manifestation. Dionysus dined with Isis, crystal wine poured within our … Continue reading Antigenesis – the beginning of the end of the new world