Freelance Writer

You may or may not be aware that you are on my blog/website and I am the only author behind my words.

My voice is one that varies and thus it is one that others may relate to more easily than others. This varied nature is also the key to my (lack of) success in writing as it is inconsistent. Therefore I may have followers, but I am no morning star.

Contributing author to Pointless Overthinking and Scribbler’s Arena.

By being here I assume you are at least somewhat familiar with my writing style. Just in case you might not know (and it hasn’t clicked yet that this whole website is representative of my writing style), the following is a list of links to blog posts that demonstrate my writing style.

My areas of expertise are:

  • education (general), teaching and learning
    • the disparity between the younger and older generations
    • cross-curricular intelligences, interdisciplinary studies
    • the flaws in the current dominant education system
    • the learning process – independent studies
  • parenting
    • being practical, intuitive, proactive, decisive – a modern domestic goddess
    • raising children that are better than your kids
    • not self sabotaging the success of our children
  • self mastery
    • overcoming mental illness and perceptions
    • psycho-self-analysis, self reflection and introspection
    • aligning the spiritual and the physical selves

Areas of interest:

  • uncovering invisible constructs, pointing out the obvious.
  • satire, humour, necessity vs joy. language as a means of encoding meaning
  • any form of misrepresentation, miscommunication, misunderstanding, misinterpretation.  Playing devils advocate
  • mythology, spirituality, religion, belief systems.
  • cognitive science – philosophy, psychology, anthropology, artifical intelligence, neuroscience, linguistics
  • interrelationships – learning, developing, behaviours, influence, nature vs nurture, archetypes, physical/nonphysical, false dichotomies, feelings/sensations/emotions.
  • semiotics – perception, cognition, identification, understanding, interpretation.
  • providing topical commentary and analysis on a variety of topics, such as – poetry, creative non fiction, aesthetics, events, phenomena.

If you are interested in commissioning an article from me, contact me.

I’m open to the possibility of creative collaborations. Again, contact me. (It’s not exactly fair that I’m trapped within my skin yet goaded to behave as if I can shed my physical form at will.)

Or perhaps you would like to sponsor an article (donate money and see whatever I come up with! Many thanks to you.)

Also, you can click here to read my (made up) mythic curriculum vitae!

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