Instant Psychic – Click and Pay

A variety of options to click and purchase, receive your reading within 96 hours max. The mystical art of divination delivered in a contemporary laser shooter way.

Flexibility- If you would like a more personalised session (as in you would like to have a combination of readings, or perhaps more or less cards drawn specifically for your inquiry), then please contact me and I’d be happy to try to accommodate you!

(Approximately $60 per hour, as a rough guide.)

All currency are in Australian dollars.

(voluntary donation? lol)

Gesture of appreciation

A one-way token of gratitude from you to me, because I may have given you a gift of knowledge or understanding. Or perhaps you are merely feeling generous towards me. Thank you.


9 card temporal spread – tarot

Each card in this tarot spread is interpreted in a number of ways in relation to it’s position within the grid. The centre card represents the client or the issue at hand and each card in the surrounds has some form of influence. A great spread for comprehensive insight into a particular occurrence or theme within the life of the client. Includes first operation, 9 card reading, quintessence cards and affirmations. Approximately 12 pages in length (4000-5000 words), 90 minutes


3 card reading – tarot

A typical 3 card reading is can be used for both general inquiries AND/OR a specific question you may have. Approximately 1-2 pages in length, 15 minutes.


5 card simple cross – tarot

This spread is designed to get to the crux of the problem and to discern influencing factors that might not otherwise be known. This spread is useful for identifying an issue with an event, a situational analysis, project preparation, or an overall sense of an individual. Approximately 2-3 pages in length, 25 minutes.


Onomastic name analysis – linguistics and semiotics

In 2008, Switzerland began a legitimised study and investigation into the power and origin of names. You will receive 2-3 pages of information regarding the meaning and potential power of one (1) of your names whether it be your first name, surname or even a nickname. A positive and fun perspective that provides insight into the power held in your name.


Natal astrology chart interpretation – astrology

You provide me with your time, date and location of birth, and I will do an astrological interpretation of your chart. This is not a software generated interpretation. I will be running the data into a chart generator, however the interpretations will be written in my quintessential style based on the stand out features of your chart. Approximately 5-7 pages in length.


Core numbers – numerology

Based upon your birth date, birth name, and current name. A character analysis based upon the numerological associations with the clients 7 core numbers. Written in my quintessential style, it is a no-nonsense number association and mathematical approach to your personal psyche.


Perspicacious Prognostications – combination special

An in depth investigation into an area of your life, through a metaphysical lens. Part reading, part counselling, part teaching. Dependent upon your situation, this session may utilise tarot, oracle cards, numerology, astrology, or some sort of simple cognitive/creative exercises. Personal insight into your situation in a private and compassionate manner. Variety of divination and mentoring strategies a possibility, intuited in the moment. 120 minutes in duration. Skype video chat.


Once you have made your paypal payment, please fill this form out so I know what type of reading and line of inquiry you would like answered. Please inform me if you would like me to use a specific deck.

Once I have received your payment, expect a response from me within 24-48 hours to confirm your reading and question. I find that I work best through engaging in a direct discourse with my clients, I personally find the internet to be rather impersonal. Please allow for a further 24-48 hours for the complete delivery of your selected divination reading.

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