Tarot reader

Tarot by trade, psychic for pay. How may I be of service, today?

Look at you, stranger. Fortune just may have favoured you today for it lead you right here: to me. Now before you scoff and turn away, I actually am in need of some assistance. Your assistance specifically, since you are here right now.
Don’t worry, it doesn’t require much effort, although some effort is required. You will be compensated for your time and trouble. This will be transactional.


You may have a specific line of inquiry, a general notion you’d like to explore, or are just curious to see “whatever comes up”.

I am offering to read tarot cards and astrology charts for the public so I may continue to develop my  intuitive and cognitive gifts.

In return I ask for something of tangible worth. It may be books, a physical gift/trinket, something on my amazon wishlist, or (ideally) money.

I am not comfortable setting a strict base price as there are those “hagglers” who will try to take advantage and unfortunately they just don’t see beyond themselves. Prices can change as the energy output can change, the preparedness and receptivity of each individual is not always the same.

  • April 2018 – precognition of upcoming world change These 2 posts were deleted from this domain when I scourged my site. I do have back up copies of my blog posts but will need to sort through them and repost them.
  • Florida 2018 – recognition of environmental evidence as part of the end times.
  • Examples of my writing and interpretation style – Demonstration of what you may expect from me as a tarot or psychic reader.
    • 5 card tarot reading. Self care tarot spread and advice.
    • 1 card oracle reading. General reading for the public.


  1. What makes you so damn special?
  2. What are your so-called tools of this supposed trade?
  3. Just get on with the psychic stuff.

What makes you so damn special?

What makes me different from any of the thousands (millions) of other tarot readers that are “out there”? Nothing. There is nothing particularly special about what I do. I just like talk about stuff, draw out some cards, talk about more stuff, and help people.

I just like to do stuff. They usually involve talking (communicating) and people (you and I are both people!)

Perhaps what makes me different from everybody else is that I am just me and I tend to view stuff a bit differently. I’m quite open about myself and that has in turn shaped the way that I am perceived by others. So I would posit that it is my unique perspective and “spin” on things that make me stand out from the rest.

This whole foray has just been a means to combine what I’m good at, what I like to do, and what I want to do into a financially viable career path. I love talking (about myself) and I want to help others. I want others to learn from my mistakes.

What are your so-called tools of this supposed trade?

What I do is quite varied as it depends on the specific individual whom I am providing the divinatory reading. I am a multifaceted person and therefore employ a varied range of metaphorical tools in my service.

I am a mother, a wife, a teacher.

I enjoy engaging with other people in a positive and beneficiary way.

I may be idealistic but I’m not unrealistic.

As a Spin Doctor™ I aim to assist others through the application of anecdotal advice using a combination of intuition, psychology, narratology, mythology, pedagogy and semiotics.

Just get to the psychic stuff.

I use my INTUITION to formulate an honest and direct response based upon the information that you provide. My whole life ethos is based on openness and honesty, but whether or not you believe me is something you would have to decide for yourself.

  • Tarot
  • Astrology
  • Numerology
  • Dream interpretation
  • Name interpretations

My life-long interest and love of symbolism has allowed me a whole well-spring of information from which to draw my interpretations. I use established esoteric systems of interpretative correspondences, as well as associations I’ve developed from my own experiences.

  • Personal archetypes and journeys.
  • Religious and spiritual belief systems.
  • Colour, vibration, shape, form.
  • Linguistic ontology and expressions.
  • Conceptual connections, patterns and structure.

Reading tarot is my go-to as it’s straight forward in terms of constructing a contextual based narrative. However, cards are temporal and are subject to change just as situations in life continue to change. It is my aim to inform YOU, MY CLIENT, as to how I came to my interpretation.

You may disagree with me and I am open to discussing that possibility, I would love feedback so as to better improve my own practice! But again, it is that open line of communication. I am just as receptive to your input as you are to mine.

It is my desire to educate the public in being able to develop these skills on their own because education and knowledge should not be horded by the supposed ‘elite’.

Want to send me money, anyway?

Curious? Just comment!