Provocateur of thought. Advocate for educational equity, accessibility of knowledge. A rogue ally for humanity; a modern Prometheus lighting up the liminal spaces. A contemporary channel for creativity, critical thinking and consideration.

Sshhh…. mmmother is here now, you don’t have to worry. She will wipe your tears, provide a good cuddle and some emotional blackmail. You should all know better. By facing our fears and acknowledging our pain it helps us to move forward with knowledge and understanding. Life is a series of lessons, get an education.


See Dr Kalliope for a good anecdote to cure your troubles.

  • Book a divination session, or even as an educational tutor.
  • Perhaps you are interested in collaborating over a project.
  • She’s got a ton of opinions and loves to stomp on people’s preconceived notions of whatever knowledge they think they know.

She loves people and just likes to talk, and help them out with whatever it is they need assistance. Seeking advice isn’t a sign of weakness. It’s the marker of a mind that is wise.

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Principle Ethos

A proclaimation of personal principles. A rational approach to the documentation and experimentation of my personal spiritual practice; privacy, code of conduct, ethics.

Precept: Perennial Philosophy

Personal passion:

Narcissistic motivations, but ultimately an admission of submission, I seek to serve the dissemination of knowledge and help spread the word of words. I want to help “bring the world to the light”, but make sure that they know exactly what that means. I want to teach, entertain, delight and help facilitate the healing and acknowledgement of others. But conceptual connections are my involuntary skills. I’m trying to figure out my instinctual processes so I can show skeptics and scholars that their dichotomies are false, and this world needs a new language and framework from which to help gain perspective.


I propose a TRICHOTOMY (first name that sprung to mind. Haven’t thought it through, open to suggestions). It’s possible to have a 3rd perspective. It doesn’t have to be binary. That is so basic.

I have a humanities background so language is my thing. I don’t have any formal training in mathematics, science, or even metaphysics. I’ve bought books and tried doing stuff, but I’m just a novice. My experiences are not the same as those espoused in any of the books or literature I’ve used. Everything has been hijacked and backwards mapped to make my own belief system and spirituality.

I am approaching this study as an “everyman”. Physical hard scientific “traditions” from a metaphysical framework. The combination of humanities and sciences. (high school English teacher who always wanted super powers, realises she does, shares knowledge with strangers).


I am seeking out volunteers who will allow me to do a psychic reading for them/about them. I’d ask you a couple of questions, you can ask me, all good. We make clear decisions what kind of psychic (woo-woo thingy) reading it will be and which divination tools will be used:

  • Dream interpretation. Tarot. Astrology. Numerology. Lithomancy. Name analysis.
  • The use of any prayers, incantations, personal rituals. (Me just doing my thing)
  • Something associated with a specific cultural tradition.
  • Maybe you’ve got a request or suggestion or idea I could possibly try out.

I vow to tell the truth as I see it.

Honest, outright, no pussyfooting or bullshit. I might be awkward or it might be wonderful.  

  • If I have any”psychic vibes”
  • It just came to me. // I just felt really moved to… // I don’t normally do this but…
  • I don’t feel anything in particular (common sense, connect the dots)
  • I’m just following the guide book. No adaptation. A to B to C. Linear logic.
  • An adaptation and amalgamation of a series of traditions. A personal approach to divination and metaphysics. (monstrous bastardisation of various cultural tradition and practices, any &/or everyTHINGAPPROPRIATION)
  • The driving force behind my thesis. Magic is self mastery made manifest as success.
  • Use of personal symbolism, imagery, identification, psychophysical phenomena from a metaphysical perspective.

Deceit is the domain of the devil, and I seriously hate liars. Say it for what it is, don’t get hung up things. Don’t like something I’ve said? If it was phrasing, I can easily change that. I understand semantics and semiotics. My intention is to reveal truth out of a place of love, I do not wish to fool or hurt anyone. I apologise profusely in advance if I may have said something to hurt you. But if you’re just offended, that’s your own problem to deal with.

Clear distinct intention: I seek to legitimise the study and practice any/all mystic arts. I seek to illuminate the obscure. Freedom of the mind and freedom for the mind.

Harmonise the chaos, a happy trifecta.