SIRENS – mmmK’s WyrdPriss playlist

I make a bunch of mix tapes (spotify playlists) to say exactly how I feel inside, and maybe you might feel it too. Or enjoy it, because I love music and sharing songs, even grouping them into thematic soundtracks and stuff.


  • I just wanted to put together a couple of track-listings of playlists.. to dedicate to the awesome people I have come to know, and be part of this here environment.
  • I will be using Australian musical acts – that if you live overseas, then you can take away from knowledge of some awesome music acts and shit.
  • I made 5 graphics for this series. I don’t know if I will actually do 100 songs, but i’m not 100% sure if I have 100 songs for 100 people.

I’m  such a MMMess… (iah)

I started this project a couple of days before christmas 2018. It is not finished because I am lazy and often lose track of all the whatever stuff I said I wanted to do…

When you scroll through the psychotically laid out page, you’ll see I have broken the playlist into volumes.

  • Each volume has 24 songs, cites the artist, song title and a lyric.
  • Click the artist to be directed to a youtube clip.
  • Click the song title to read the full lyrics.

Kapiche? Sick.


  • When selecting some of the tracks, I did have some people in mind at the time. However, music and their lyrics are universal expressions of the emotions of the soul. Therefore it would be too divisive to explicitly state any song is really for any single individual.
  • These are just songs that I like (some more so than others).  VOLUMES 1-3 are all Australian music acts. (Except for the Christmas playlist, that’s just christmas themed songs).
  1. Vol 1. The long walk home, singing siren songs (24 tracks).
  2. Vol 2. Burning bush swallows their nightingale (24 tracks).
  3. Vol 3. Great grandfather of smoke, hear my song (24 tracks).
  4. Vol 4. Everlong John foo fights the xmas tree.

Listen to the whole playlist on Spotify here. I titled it “wyrdpriss”

Fun fact. By clicking the ‘xmas tree’ link above, you will be taken directly to the Spotify playlist titled ‘x mas sheen’

Project last updated 4 February 2019 // started 23 December 2018.


Volume 1. The Long Walk Home, singing siren songs.

  1. Killing HeidiI am.
    • I feel it its coming its here if you want it / I am out on my own / Moving in shadow / Nobody knows who I am / Standing alone / And its me but you can’t see who I am
  2. Machine Gun FellatioPussy Town
    • I’m going down, down, down, down, down, down, down, to pussy town.
  3. Eskimo JoeBlack fingernails, Red wine
    • Red-letter day, black heart / it’s gonna tear you all apart / it’s so loud; can’t hear you call / you and I are gonna fall straight down.
  4. SilverchairOne Way Mule
    • Love me for my mind cause I’m a dangerous heart / when I’ve got time to kill I’m coming back to you / I’ll stake out just to find the knife in the dangerous heart / when I’ve got time to kill I’m coming back to you
  5. Killing HeidiReal People
    • Make it all right / Just keep your eyes shut, keep your eyes shut tight / What you feel ain’t bad  / ‘Cause there’s no shame, there’s no shame in being sad
  6. Violent SohoSaramona Said
    • I want to bastardise this entire state / Let’s start a fire, it’s like a big freight train / Let’s start a fire, we are defeated
  7. The Cruel SeaBetter get a Lawyer
    • I wasn’t doin’ nothin’ anyway / Just what is it that I’m supposed to have done? With bloodshot eyes and bleedin’ hands… // The the officer said / Better get a lawyer son, you better get a real good one / 
  8. Machine Gun FellatioThe girl of my dreams
    • The girl of my dreams is giving me nightmares / I found her on tv now I see her everywhere / She’s got style she’s got violent ways about her / She’s got me so that I can’t dream without
  9. Regurgitator ! (The song formerly known as)
    • You won’t see me tribal raving baby / Cos I won’t ever look that good / I’d rather dance in ugly pants in the comfort of a loungeroom in suburbia / Oooh ooh, things don’t get no better / better than you and me
  10. SpiderbaitCalypso
    • Sunshine on my window Makes me happy, like I should be / Outside All around me / Really sleazy / then it hits me / Don’t tell me / You can’t see / What it means to me
  11. The SuperJesusGravity
    • I don’t need a friend to tell me why, to tell me when / hanging on to you I never thought I’m killing someone / and I can tell you what’s more / now theres nothing in the way to show me / I didn’t know you before / more than any other day its only gravity
  12. Eskimo JoeFrom the Sea
    • Oh She’s just so under pain / Oh I’m so spaced out today / My head’s a lead weight and it comes to you / From the the sea / hello hello oh hello (the world repeats itself somehow)
  13. Custard – Girls like that
    • Girls like that don’t go for guys like us / I still wanna see the facts / But this time she’s serious / She says there’s too too many worlds / Too many worlds wrapped up in science fiction
  14. The WhitlamsNo Aphrodisiac
    • A letter to you on a cassette / ‘Cause we don’t write anymore / Gotta make it up quickly / There’s people asleep on the second floor / There’s no aphrodisiac like loneliness / Truth, beauty and a picture of you
  15. The Living EndWhite Noise
    • Now here we stand with our hearts in our hands / Squeezing out all the lies / All that I hear is a message unclear / What else is there to decide? All that I’m hearing from you / Is white noise, white noise
  16. Machine Gun FellatioMutha Fukka
    • I’m a mutha fukka on a motorcycle / I’m a hard hallucinatory / With an axe to grind / Shootin’ from the hip / Like a porcupine / I’m a mutha fukka on a motorcycle
  17. SpiderbaitBuy me a pony
    • You’re almost on your way to popularity / and we’ll teach you to play with icy stare and punk rock hair / and beatnik flare, we’ll take you there / cause there’s nonody else like you / and we sure care just what you’re doing
  18. Missy HiggensScar
    • A triangle trying to squeeze through a circle / He tried to cut me so I’d fit / And doesn’t that sound familiar? Doesn’t that hit too close to home? / Doesn’t that make you shiver; the way things could’ve gone?
  19. Something for KateMonsters
    • I was hanging upside-down from the overpass / Waiting to discover something about the world / I couldn’t get with the program / And I couldn’t listen to them / It was like trying to think in reverse
  20. Pete MurrayBetter Days
    • I’ve seen better days / Put my face in my hands / Get down on my knees and I pray to God / Hope he sees me through til the end
  21. Machine Gun FellatioRollercoaster
    • You’re vine-ripened, I’m now frightened / By the lightning in my legs / You’re such a screamin’ dream I’m leanin’ / To the demons in my head
  22. Ben LeeCigarettes will kill you
    • You left me burned and seared / You left me ripped and teared / And older than my years / I should have know at first / That you would leave me hurt / You had to try dessert
  23. The Mavis’SCry
    • You looked into my eyes / you came as a surprise / you washed me in the shower / it lasted for an hour / But what we gonna do? / you leave at half past two / we waste more time each day / and everything’s OK except that… I can make you cry
  24. GrinspoonLost control
    • Bam, bam, bam trick or treat want to stay / You can do it ours and we will do it your way / Not so bad if you follow the plan / That’s how it goes with your head in the sand



Volume 2. Burning bush swallows their nightingale.

  1. Powderfinger – my happiness
    • My happiness is slowly creeping back now you’re at home / if it ever starts sinking in, it must be when you pack up and go.
  2. John Butler Trio – Zebra
    • I could be anything I put my mind to, boy / all I gotta do is give myself half a chance / I can bring love back into my life / and share it with the world if I got some balance.
  3. Grinspoon – Chemical heart
    • can’t get started chemical heart/ every time I get started, you pull me apart.
  4. Frenzal rhomb – Never had so much fun
    • I try to compensate blindly for mistakes, try to make things right / for all my redemption I’ve the best intentions / but it’s always ending up in a fight.
  5. SilverchairFreak
    • I’m a freak of nature / if only I could be as cool as you.
  6. The Living End – Prisoner of Society
    • if you count to 3 you’ll see it’s no emergency / you’ll see I’m not the enemy / just a prisoner of society.
  7. Grinspoon – Sickfest
    • You can’t try and sink your thoughts into my brain / contradict, you’ve always been too lame / guilt has always you d you hiding away.
  8. Regurgitator – Disco crazy
  9. Ganggajang – Sounds of then
    • And in the distance, through the heat haze, In convoys of silence the cattle graze. That certain texture, that certain beat, Brings forth the night time heat.
  10. theredsunband – Sleep forever
    • hey my sweet child, here you be
      and if you choose to stay here
      you can stay with me
  11. Silverchair Tomorrow
    • You say that money isn’t everything / well I’d like to see you live without it / you think you can keep on going living like a king / ooh, babe, I strongly doubt it.
  12. The Butterfly Effect – Always
  13. AC/DC – Thunderstruck
  14. Kate Miller-Heidke – Caught in the crowd
  15. Jet – Cold Hard Bitch.
  16. Cog – Anarchy OK
  17. Amiel – Obsession (I love you)
  18. The Screaming Jets – Guitar Band
  19. The Butterfly effect – Gone
  20. theredsunband – Devil Song
  21. AC/DC – Back in Black
  22. Kate Miller-Heidke – Last Day on Earth
  23. George – Special ones
  24. INXS – New Sensation



Volume 3. Great Grandfather of smoke, hear my song.

  1. Jet – Look what you’ve done
  2. George – Breathe in now
  3. The Cruel Sea – The Honeymoon is over
  4. Grinspoon – Just Ace
  5. Choirboys – Run to paradise
  6. Mz Ann Thropik – Witchhunt
  7. Gyroscope – Baby, I’m gettin’ better
  8. Mammal – Dead
  9. 28 Days – Rip it up
  10. Dead letter circus – The armour you own
  11. Jericco – Dance like no one’s watching
  12. Jebediah – Harpoon
  13. RegurgitatorPolyester girl
    • All I want you to say is nothing at all / and all I want you to do is stare at the wall.
  14. The SuperjesusDown again
    • Now I’m hoping to stay seconds away from all that I could be / every time I run from you, I run from me.
  15. The Screaming Jets – Better
  16. You am I – Berlin chair
  17. The Fauves – Dogs are the best people
  18. Magic Dirt – Dirty Jeans
  19. Augie March – One Crowded Hour
  20. JebediahAnimal
  21. Frenzal Rhomb – You are not my friend
    • you are not my friend / Never ever ever again/ I dream of sunsets with a drink in the sand / Of all my friends and losing money in the van / Remember holidays that weren’t such a waste / And a broken jaw from a punch in the face 

  22. Mammal – New Breed Jesus
    • You! (You!) Only made me this way! And I! (I!) Got a method for disposing of your petty little system! You! (You!) You’re the poster boy for shame! And I! (I!) Gotta state and make it clear so you can understand!
  23.  1200 Techniques – Karma
    • How am I supposed to live in a world of negatives? How am I supposed to love in a world full of push and shove? How am I supposed to breathe in a world full of lust and greed?
  24. Machine Gun FellatioLittle cutie
    • Hey there little cutie don’t be moody don’t be moody / Take my hand we’re goin’ out / And I’d find myself if I knew where myself left me / And I feel like ringin’ all your bells… / Hey there little cutie let’s get nudie



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