School’s out for summer. 
01Wide reading and guided activities to encourage critical and creative thought in high school students. Suitable for ages 12-18 years.3x 2013
02Poetic Devices and figurative language techniques! Ooze eloquent flair and speak like a (touched in the head) bard!Poetic devices
03Introduction to “Institutions and the Individual”. Introduces the concept of the institution, it’s role in society, and impact on the individual (you, or the student).Institute you
04Playing the Game is a unit about the role of English and language in the area of sport (competitive or recreational).Play my game
05Visual literacy, construction of images to convey meaning.Look sees
 Will you prey to me? For me, perhaps. 
01My Antichrist Manifesto now available to download as a PDF!Anti Krist!

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