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Other people’s stuff that remind me of me.

life_less — Scribblers Arena

you are a mannequin with heads high and never cry even amidst cracks you are covered sometimes with full-length dress or stoles and drapes semi-naked with undies and bra to brighten up in the showroom lights as a display chick for the people to gaze who sometimes touch […]

I am — When Whippoorwills Sing

Words of the Gospels Demented as inspired by Chaos. By Harlot Blackwood My eyes blinked open into final and first awareness and I perceived. I saw. I knew at first and last. All that what I had dreamed in demented fever was real. All was true and truthful […]

An Upturned Soul

Sometimes I Climb the Walls and Lie on the Ceiling

Tony Single

artist. wastrel. a quantum of potential.

Tale Told

Short Stories, Poems, & Essays

Crumble Cult

By Tony Single


It's written by Casey

Alien Poet

Freedom from humanity

Dhananjay Parkhe Jayº

#EruditeThinkerº, #PassionateAuthorº, #VersatileSpeaker, #CalculatedRisktaker. #AmbivertEntrepreneur, #DedicatedAllInMentor

Inspiration through words and photography


David Redpath

We're all on a road to somewhere.

Raw Earth Ink

Mixing the spit of my soul with the dirt on my hands, flooding muddy words grow.

The Art of Making Spirals

Poetry and other works by the Spiral Artist.


echo echo

K is the new khrist

learn, acknowledge, nurture, elucidate

Life of Chaz

Welcome to My Life

Satan's Kinky Kitten

Satanism,Sex Magick And Kink