Your words are sperm

Ready, aim, fire. Put out the fire. Extinguish the flames of fiery thought with thick, gelatinous words. For words are sounds that have form. Spew forth from the hose of your throat, an ethereal concoction invisible as germs. Puppet masters manipulate shepherds. Plant the seed of thoughts and ideas into your gooey brain. It may … Continue reading Your words are sperm

I am a conch shell

She sells her soul on the sea shore Salty and salivating, lapping licking labour She sells her sex and some part of herself Slip and slice her her skin tonight, pouring of the bowls Arrrruuuuuuuuugah hooooooorrrrnnn Eyes starboard the knight sky, ships off the water fall Cliff and axe to cleave her face, heft through … Continue reading I am a conch shell

Anonymous K

Erase my face, Blot out my name, Silhouette remains; Empty cache. It has happened again. Repeat the program. A slave to their game, A loyal servant. Erase my words, Delete every phrase. My epitaph you rewrite For you must always be right. Recode the coda. Tightrope walk the line. I am demonised for I defied … Continue reading Anonymous K