About… the mothersite.

A web domain for Kalliope to market her tarot readings, indulge her love of writing, and a means to allow her to continue her love of teaching and learning.

The website ModernMysticMother.com is the platform for Kalliope to launch her (multi faceted) business. Her blog, although attached to this domain, is another form and outlet for her expression.

Although the two are interrelated, they are separate entities.

The vision for mmmother:

  • to turn it into a potential educational resource that harmonises the humantities studies with the sciences through the application of metaphysical studies.
  • A platform to host or support the arts and artists I admire and love.
  • To be synonymous with authenticity, genuine discourse, honesty, openness and love.
  • To change the language of society so allow for the growth and spread of knowledge and awareness.


What has influenced my ideology?

Mythology. The deities and their shenanigans immortalised through narrative. Their personalities and proclivities so prepotent that they transcended continents, countries, cultures, communities and communication.

Every transformation, transmutation and metamorphosis splintered the constellations of their characters and circumstantial kismet. Their identities are fragmented throughout history however their essences remain. Secularism is the new spirituality: the gods of Religion wrestle with the multifaceted figures of the irreligious.

Pearls of wisdom may be found in the myths and legends of the past. The mythological characters of primeval pantheons were prototypic narratives of the human experience.

The celestial collective are concealed within the contemporary concepts of ARCHETYPES.

I enjoy reading about mythology. My curiosity is never sated as I inspect the rich tapestry of history to discover the characters and narratives and relationships and manipulations (of both immortals and men) woven into the fabric of human knowledge and recorded memory.

I don’t discriminate, I delight in deities from various pantheons and orders. But that doesn’t mean I don’t have my favourites… I enjoy discerning familiar characteristics and circumstances, drawing parallels between particular personal and planetary pith.

This blog is really just an amalgamation of various mythological entities that I associate with myself, and with each of my family members. I recognise our relationship dynamics and the roles that we play in each others lives; reflective of symbolic relationships, archetypal characters, pairs and symbols.

Ideally, I would like to develop an interactive graphic. The “end look” doesn’t matter as much as the actual function. But how can I expect it t function without an idea of what it will look like? I dont care what it looks like, what is important right now is to get the beginning of the idea out in the open and public.

What has informed me and my methods?

Numerology associations. Mathematical concepts and methods of calculation.

Astrology – the symbolism of the glyphs, the planets, the signs, the modes, the polarities, the elements. types of astrology… synastry, combined charts, past lives, medical, horary, personality, psychology, electional and mundane astrology.

Psychology – mental illness. family history, the uprising of various “diagnoses” and stuff. developmental psychology, learning styles, “brain washing”, hypnosis, trance, brain waves, sublimation, coping mechanisms, cognitive function, memory, brain development, the role of sleep as action and symbol.

History, The future, Philosophy, Religion, spirituality. Various ways of getting up the mountain. Everything is essentially the same, but changes with time.

Mythology – a means of understanding the past, to unlock the secrets to the universe, the reason for existence, the structure of narratives, archetypal energies/entities, the truth and whose version of the truth. confusing interrelationships between the gods, they are all allegory and thus their roles and shit change. depends on the story, the story teller, the meaning, the pantheon, the history, the moment in history. contextual understanding.

Symbolism – semiotics, geometry, gematria, linguistics, morphemes, phonemes, phonetics, kabalah, body language, tone, altar, ritual, divination, belief.

Everyone is the same, and everyone is different. Harmonising old cliches… The truth and essence of the message, and the necessity that we keep repeating them.

(initial intentions)

The intention of this site is to create a map of my family. Through mythology, and history. I will research and track and record and write whatever… It’s all back down again to my family. I want to leave something behind of myself when I die.

If it’s just my kids then sure. But my ego would like something that will last beyond my kids. It will be a book or something… the story of my life. But not just my life… A tribute to all the people who have been important to me.

By making this… book or resource or whatever… I want to share the knowledge I have learned. It will be useful. But I know it won’t make sense unless you know what I’m talking about.

But whatever it is, it will give me energy to continue to make my “great work” that exists in the world, for the world, after I am long dead and forgotten.

It will provide me with energy “in the here and now”. I don’t need acclaim for it. It’s nice, but not necessary.

Through creating this… this is my tribute to all the people in my life that i love and care about.

Its about my husband, our relationship. What it has meant to me, what it does to me and how it impacts me.

It’s about my kids. I don’t want to fuck them up like I have many other things in my life. I don’t want to impact them the way I have been negatively impacted and influenced in my life. I want them to have the best possible life, better than whatever I can dream of. Because I don’t know whats “beyond” my idea of “ideal”?>???

It’s about my dad. What he meant to me, and how his death impacted my development. His legacy. I’m all thats left of his name, and I changed my name because his name wasn’t important to me in *that* way. I want his “spirit” to live on beyond me and the mere human memory.

It’s to help me heal the relationship with my mum. She’s too “jesus”, and I hate who I revert back to when I’m around her. I love her and she doesn’t see what she does to me. Whenever we try to talk to her about her behaviour and what she does, she doesn’t hear it. She hears what she wants to hear.

I know she did the best that she could, but I’m raw. She doesn’t see the wounds she causes. She does the same things over and over again. I am protecting my children from those wounds. I love my mum, but I won’t let her fuck my kids up in the exact same way she has fucked me up.

Stockholm’s syndrome. People tell me that what she did was abuse. I don’t remember what I said… speaking it, saying it… thats how I release it outside of me. and by letting go, to truly let it go in order to heal… I forget. I know that she fucked me up, but it wasn’t physical, it was mental and emotional. I don’t remember what she said or did, I just recognise it when I see it. Subconscious triggers remind me.

Anyway. she did a bunch of stuff that was really hurtful. and fucked me up. but she’s my mum and I will always love her.

We’re great as long as we don’t spend too much time together. But she thinks I don’t love her. I do love her, I am just protecting my children from her. I love her, but I also hate what she reduces me to. I hate the negative influence she has on me. When I’m around her, I’m this fucking child. And I don’t want to be a child around her.

I need to heal the relationship with my mother. But I must first understand… how to communicate to her in a way that she will listen. and I have to teach her, or tell her… or whatever. it has to come from me so she sees that I do love her. and I’m not angry at her or with her.

If this is the last lifetime I have here on earth… maybe my “great work” or greater purpose… i dunno….

I know I won’t die until my life’s purpose has been fulfilled. I don’t know what that is.

I don’t want to “get caught up” chasing the wrong thing. She’s not the villain or antagonist. Because everything is a matter of perspective. Everyone has their own motivations and intentions and desires and fears.

I know I don’t have to “save the world”. I want to help the world heal, and that’s why I’m here. That’s why I work my day job, even when it fucking sucks. I want to heal myself, to love myself. And if that happens, if that works, I know I’ll be able to help others because … it’s what I do. I’ll “drag my family” up into the higher dimensions, powered by my jet propellored heart into the beyond! I won’t let go because I never let go, I never stop. Hahaha. I don’t care if they come kicking and screaming… I am doing this for all of us.

What I want more than anything is to love myself. But I will not sacrifice my family to do that. If I can love myself, then I know I will have enough energy to heal and help them. My husband, my kids, my mum.