About the author.

Kim the intellectual mystic, teacher, meta-philosopher, and cult leader of her cult of personality.

Writer of Wyrds, Poet of Pulse, Singer of Sirens, Goddess of Earth, Angel of Death.

Contributing author at Scribbler’s Arena and Pointless Overthinking.

  • The wizest metatron the world have ever seen.  She is known for sharp shooting her words so they strike through and pierce your soul from your heart.
  • The cutest ellocution exectioner this side of Ruby Gloom. or the eternal dancing flames. Shit talk slam dunking like the best of the best in space jam.
  • Queen K reigns in the Cult of Kim. You should join mykultra. Do it. subliminal messaging whoooooo.  Everyone needs a fleshy something to get all up in your face.

addicted; antagonistic; artless; complex; curious; cynical; erratic; ESFJ; excitable; flirt; geek; inane; individualistic; intense; microwave safe; narcissistic; obscure; peopley; PROVOCATIVE; secretive; self destructive; self indulgent; UNASSUMING; unorthodox; user friendly.

a mass of contradictions and mutually exclusive qualities, an indeterminate quantity fitting in everywhere and thus nowhere. she is her own best friend and worst enemy. she is filled with knowledge and wisdom yet knows nothing at all.

will anyone know that she lived? or must she just become mush, dissolving away… with no one to remember her?

it is folly for a man to pray to the gods for that which he has the power to obtain by himself. -epicurus


how did i manage to get this far? lady luck and i intertwine as two naked lovers on a bed of nails.


Obviously this web page is all about me. A huge golden calf engraved in my own image.

It’s something to do. Because I can.

If you wanted to read my try to explain my story, a background check (if you will), you can click that link. Or not. Whatever you feel like clicking.