Move or sink slowly, my treasure

14 January 2019, 8:05am; I have gotten into the habit of taking screen caps of comments I write, in an attempt to track the automata of my production and magical manipulative power over the word.

The last 6 comments I wrote. Starting no more than 10 hours ago with the ashes of the lucid being. I realised now how damn much my being converses with Lucid’s Being… probably because he is Ash and I am a Phoenix. There are 3 messages I’ve here displayed of the exchanges our fire birds did make.

  • Born again from the ashes.
  • Quinquagenarian’s gatekeeper did scribe.
  • The Phoenix has grown and is ready for my knowledge airdrop
  • Seraph, Raphael. My favourite ninja. It may have been 8 or 9 years ago I pacified the ancient ninja war by forging and allegiance and truce with the pirates and sea farers. It was a necessary step to prepare us for now – we must protect the children from poison, the enemy finds ever subtler ways the weaponise mundane items. The use of deceit for a sneak attack and atrophy their minds.
  • The Phoenix grows old and in the 3rd stage of life prepares the landscape for the future generation to take on the helm of the realm.
  • And last but not least, I passed notes through my cage. I am not French nor a ballerina, but as Audrey Hepburn did, I support the revolution.

I am the beta-ballerina who dresses in black. Channel ZBS, you know my co-conjurer as Zatanna Zatara. She speaks the words backwards as I use movement to give form and arriza life into the golem manifestation.


I am the Black Swan. I dance swan songs. It is Black Canary, the siren, who sings them.

I began in comedy and down through the ages the lightness of my spirit wanted to be considered as clever and not merely vacuous. I wanted to be taken seriously like my aphex twin, Melpomene. So I used my wits and my wiley ways to I changed my face and my name.

I love to dance and I love to laugh. I’ am the collector of hearts – I preserve them in jars. A mistress of seduction, you may call this Black Swan: Thalia Kedalion. Don’t forget to remember to breathe when I take the stage.


2 thoughts on “Move or sink slowly, my treasure

    • Kalliope says:

      Thank you! Love is an open door, and I gaze out upon my frozen kingdom of hearts. Echo said I was Aqua. She’s now a shadow rogue, forgotten what it was like the live on the surface.
      If you like to be bound, I can leave you like that. Or you could be like Indy, and crack that rope like a whip. Let’s go riding across the plains tonight, and knock over mailboxes with cricket bats, riding our indian scouts.


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