Dates to remember. Markers to lay the foundation for your path walk through time. Life is chaos, remember what’s important. Pay homage to those you love; give thanks.

Death is order. Death finally brings peace. I may be full of life, a dazzling light, but existence is suffering. The struggle is to live and to love. Tightrope walk the blade that divides I&O.

I cannot fulfill you, U cannot contain me. O to be held, but forever is stiffling. AVE freedom, but not to be alone. Ich builds a home to have and to hold. Each to their own. The seeds have been sown.

I wait. I long. Please, I hope you grow.

5 of these you’ve already seen. I added 10 more that I made yesterday and today. Dates to remember, that have nothing (or something?) to do with my apocalypse campaigns.

3 thoughts on “D.V.I.Calendar.E.

    • Kalliope says:

      I’m the angel of death, so… always been a bit backwards. Death shouldn’t be feared, but neither should it be something people rush toward. Everyone will reach that precipice in time… everything hurts, and I don’t want people to suffer needlessly. I hate that I am oft the root of their schism. I just wanted to help people to heal. Accept their lot in life for it was what they had chosen for themselves. Happiness could be found in the moment, it wasn’t some far off and lofty goal. In doing so, I allowed myself to be damned to hell.


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