Girl, interrupted with a vintage montage

Today’s word of the day is Sagacious. Because no matter what I do, it’s always a saga to try to friggen explain it. See? IOU something… for more than we can keen in this life stream.

(Btw. It’s 18 January 2019, the time right now is 3.18pm)

With these screen shots I release my claim. Beholden my records have always held shame.

I do not seek an interpretation now. I see it now. I know it. I know shit. Egnosis.

The dates. Please take note of the times and dates. The fact they do not change cements your understanding of which version is reality. If each state of consciousness feels equally real, then surely it is possible that they are just as equally not real.

Let the rain wash over you and cleanse you. Take a shower, hygiene. Let not the parasites take you over.

The water must be moving. Not a stagnant, stale water will work for this type of magic. My type of magic. The metamagic.

Thought. Intention. Materials. Evoke.

Move your body round and round. Do the do-si-doe.

I put my hands up, they’re playing my song, the butterflies fly away. Yyyeaaashhhhhh it’s a party in the house today!

Then you have let it go for it to work. Let go of hope.

It either works out or it doesn’t.

Prayer? Hah! Fuck that. There is no god listening. Pray to yourself. Pray for yourself. You are the only god you n3ed.

You’re the only one listening to you. In any and every version of the multiverse, you’re the only one playing you.

I will delay the release of this post. Hmmm.. fuck it. I’ll just post it right now.

3.45pm Friday 18th January 2019. Because this is my year, and I’ll do what I want to.

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