Tyr’s titaness is Titrate.

Today latch is out, and lane is in. Junior mathematics. Rudimentary, bottom 85e.

Circle words. Parts of a circe. Corona Australis, crown of glory.

I overheard these words come out of the bloor mouth this morn as I walked through the quadrant.

“Everyone comes to this school to be taught by this teacher.”

Yeshua, 2nd Julius Amaterasu.

I couldn’t help but smile and reminisce upon moments of recent and not so long past.

Even if I feel I am unworthy of the adoration of these adolescents, I am the person I wish I had when I was young. I am the person I aspired to be. I am who I was meant to be. But I am not a memory, I continue forward and my shadow is getting longer.

There is respite from the blazing sun in my shade. But I cannot watch you always, it is time I face the son. I may be turning away, but that does not mean I will not return.

Suspended my suspension for another millennia. Expire my existence. See my halo blot out the sun. I shirk not from what I have done, I am she who drives the path of least resistance.

Develop your clairs (your psychic sensations) from the impermanent master teacher at the school of these high psyche saints. I have 3 C’s. None are found in my name.

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