trapped in a mirror, transcend the barrier

I have decided to create a post as a pillar in space and time. This one. I hope I can nail in enough posts to mark my fence space/time line divide. Sigh, sullen sad stares into the distance. The stars are playing with my brainwaves again.

I am going to be sharing some old blog posts, but I’ll only take you as far back as the morning of 28 April 2018. I have to make clear distinctions like that otherwise I often find myself caught in a static loop. DAMN IT K, JUST BEGIN.

You may be wondering why the sudden yelling. I have been trying to write this damned thing for about 3 hours so far. And I’ve got 200 words and 3 pictures. BECAUSE I’M MIRRORING MYSELF, and you know when you put two mirrors in front of each other?

Follow me down the rabbit hole

  1. I am god, or one of them anyway. I guess it depends on which pantheon you prefer. 2 June 2019. Compilation of my pinings to return to the Godhood I remember and forget… memories posted exactly one month ago.
  2. Sper-my Words. 30 May 2019. The idea of whatever I said has been planet planted. Subliminal power of words imbued as poetry.
  3. Same damn names. 27 January 2019. But with different faces. Remove the mask, reveal who you are. So many common names, but unique names aren’t any better.
  4. No body cares, everyone lies. 9 October 2018. That’s the lie that I live by. It’s gotten me this far and never lets me down.
  5. Naked and screaming. Freya is here. 4 October 2018. The frequency of 2019 had been set to “f”. So prepare for a whole fucking litany of FRIGGEN FIGHTING AND FISTING WITH PHONEMIC FISH IN YOUR FACE!
Posted this on Instagram in 2018.

Or make a shortcut through some glass.

Wonderland. I live upon it’s ruins and remains. It’s memory buried under industrial common ground. It’s magic remains in the quarry by my house.

Wash yourself with a rag + his stick

Period. Full stop. Choke the throttle if you’re going too fast. I’m the artist-scientist trefoil archetype. Follow me, look, listen, accede to heed the words I sing and the deeds I have done.

I am a foolhardy mystic, a performance artist. My life is a charade, my records are kimade. The glass is a one-way ticket box-office view. When you look up to the sky and draw down the moon, for the slightest moment I think you remember me.

All I can see are distorted versions of me, and you wonder why I seem sad if I am not actively trying to smile. You think this is what I think when I see you.

28 April 2018 – I have really let myself go & down.

The world was changing. It is now changing. 4 months prior to the berth of this blog. I’m sorry this isn’t any clearer. But I’m totally over trying to sort it all out.

ma8ew b dung ikor c 4z1styn3

28/4/18 @ 7:42am. The oracle card is the witch at the end of the world. The 3 tarot cards are the world, the emperor and the lovers. All reversed.

Pretty much the last time I had friends. I just went… or they went… whatever way… I’m no longer a member of the goddess squad. Part of me feels like it’s really for the best, I don’t need anyone else. But another part of me just… wants to cry again. I have no friends, I cannot maintain friendships for some reason.

What happened? Placating the facade

I used to be a goddess. But I am being lulled back to slowne. Driftwood lullabies, hydropowered water wheels. Sinking my treasure I thought people might treasure. Make sure to forget your dreams when you fall asleep, it’s the only place you can be free.

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