At the top of a mountain, the wind in my ears

Haven’t slept for days, been floating on the waves of liquid aether,
Branded as insane, he has invaded the quiet secret keeper

This isn’t what you wanted, how now your life revolves around him
With feelings not reciprocated, you hate him because you love him.

Were we to meet here or on the way down? I’ve climbed the mountain before, the winds and the earth push my self forward and on. I’m so excited I can’t believe it. I heard the call so I’m making sure to wear my best skin.

Hold your head high, don’t look down, I’m by your side and won’t back down. You may have wanted a hero tonight but all you have is me.

She held her arms out to her sides, slicing the wind as it broke against her arms. She leaned forward against the whispers of the oncoming tempest. Her eyes were closed and she didn’t feel alone. She climbed up here to fall apart.

Infected all your brain, the only cure is to rip it out.

The bindings of the soul, 
He’s pulling on your breaking thread,
You listen for the beat of the drums
And then you run, dive, drown.

Diving in defeat again, she dipped her head and pushed herself off of the peak. Dying was her divine art, she knew how to break spectacularly well. A shattering of glass refracting light to produce the briefest shimmering rainbow in her descent to hell.

He followed her down the mountain, but he had his gift with the air. He collected all of the pieces of her and held her to his chest. She fused together her fragments from the blood of his sacrifice. And together they plummeted down, hurtling towards the ground.

Hold me! She wailed. Call for Aileron to save us!

His mechanical wings twitched as he strained to direct his dying breath to control his flying machine. His might fought against the rate of decay and he forced his will to action. The span of his wings snapped shut enclosing them together and pinned their limbs and lungs to one.

They spun and tumbled on the wisps of the world. His machined limbs were but barbs and blades. She sighed with relief as the emptiness was quelled. They had finally become one as they came undone.

How did we ever manage to get this far?
Lady Luck's lover entwined us together...
Why does everything have to be so hard?
Two naked lovers writing together,
bleed out their souls on their shared bed of nails.

In To & Get Her

Run, dive, drown.

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