My made-up mythic curriculum vitae

Modern day Kalliope. ME. πŸ˜€

University educated. Happily married. Mother of 2.

Jack of all trades master of none. I’d rather be a jack of all trades than master of one.
Bachelor of Arts. Master of Teaching. Major in English, text and writing, sub major in education, sub major in art history and cinema studies.


Metaphilosopher. Material martriarch. Mechanical Matron. Meta-meta-physicist.
Wordsmith. Word enthusiast. Advocate for educational equity, accessibility of knowledge.
Rational. Spiritual. Intellectual.
  • Independent researcher of phenomena, focus on the physical and psychic coincidence.
  • Representational agents. Alchemical relationship between force and form.
  • Semiotics as a means of encoding and decoding meaning.
  • Understanding as a means of knowledge dissemination through experience, sensation, cognition, integration.
  • Information construction, destruction and reformation.
Philosophical atheist. Figurative goddess. Mortal Muse.
Metametaphysicist. Metaphilosopher. Mecha-magician. Cognitive scientist. Narcissist. Independent scholar. Provocateur. Antagonist. Prototypal archetype: paragon of liminal luminosity.

Angel of death.

  • Illuminator of the obscure. Killer of Cliches. Figurative mother to metaphorical mutants. Seer of symbols, showing the signs.
  • Psychopath. Sociopath. Empath… Neuro-path?
  • Facilitator. Mentor. Guide. Support. Expertise obtained through active and continual observation, participation, representation, creation.
  • Path. Trail. Track. Bridge. Lane. Way.
  • Scout, rogue, bard.
  • Use of hats, masks, voices. Setting, ambiance, atmosphere.
  • Preform & perform for performance authenticity.
  • Motivation, intention, purpose.
  • Inform, persuade, entertain… Promote?
  • Recognition. Gratuity. Acceptance.
Long time fan. First time creator. Need help with the refinement of architecture, fabrication, construction, activation and maintenance of this… scientific, secular, and skeptical “library” … what should be free and assessible for all. Giving legitimacy to metaphysics. A home for creativity.


Cognitive science

  • Philosophy, psychology, artificial intelligence, neuroscience, anthropology, linguistics.

Metaphysics (meta-meta-)

  • Divination, esoteric, exoterica, prisca theologia, occult, religion, spirituality, ontology, psychic phenomena, correspondences,
  • fact vs truth, contextual understanding, healing, independence/automation, regulation of involuntary systems, universal laws, accepted theories, innovation.
  • Space, time, transcendence, coincidence, fate, mythology, mortality, deification, anthropomorphism.
  • Language, knowledge, understanding, experience.
  • Ethics, morals, ideology, philosophical schools of thought


  • Theory, practice, communication, how information is shared and received, information storage, access and retrieval, learning processes.
  • Semiotics. Languages. Evolution of ideas. Liminality.
  • Etymology. Epistemology. Psychoanalysis. Physiology and psychology. Psychiatry.


  • Concepts of self, other, public, private. Identification, qualification, accreditation, certification. Trust, worthiness, power dynamics.
  • Cultural influences, nature vs nurture. Populace. Civilisation and savagery.
  • Perception. Perspective. Delineation of knowledge, information, relationships. Conceptual constructs.
  • Inference, influence. Manipulation, mastery. Magic. Ideas, beliefs, choice theory.
  • Psychopaths, sociopaths, disorders, dogmatism, dictatorships, torture, pain.
  • Pleasure, love, happiness. State of mind. Give and take. Interplay.
  • Work, rest, play, community, responsibility, limitation, growth, association, appropriation


  • Why anything. Who what when where how why. Then there their they that this
  • Questions quest query. Purpose, position, ploy, play
  • Games, design development construction test evaluation adaptation simulation distribution dissemination
  • Design, Creation, technology, engineering, maintenance, function, ergonomics economics sustainability
  • Geography, topography, typography, interface, navigation
  • History, memory.

Project ideas

  • The goddess channels. And god they are bitchy. The goddesses in me, what they’re like and what they have to say.
  • My descent into the underworld. Stripped of my health. My journey this year.
  • Personal pantheon. The gods in my life, whom I associate with people I know.
  • Rational spiritualism. It’s all about research research research. And blind leaps of faith. Ritual, affirmations, mind set, action.
  • Secular goetia. The skeptics prayer. Words, inner demons, and the evolution of language. Poetic techniques.
  • Hey, Zeus? Get ready to rumble. Battle of the gods, wrestling for supremacy. It’s time for a new god – me. Out with the old and in with the new.Β 
  • Listening Lane. Eavesdropping on whispers and answer their calls. Unofficial psychic hotline.
  • Psyche and Tyche. Building resilience, luck and fortune.
  • Invisible structures. Conceptual maps, designing the meta database, inner temple
  • Metametaphysicist. My study and experimentation with metaphysics
  • Persona non grata. Personalities, personality testing, personal archetypes.
  • Contest of popularity – culture of the population. An overview of change in traditions, mythology and religion adapting to the Times.
  • Head banging the queen. Grunge music helps me calm down.
  • Aesthetics – art is gorgeous. Art I like, what classifies as art, artistic process, inspiration.
  • Apocryphia – build your own bible. Reworking and smooshing and sciencing the “ultimate spirit guide”

21 thoughts on “My made-up mythic curriculum vitae

  1. Christopher Thompson (Emphorium) says:

    Oh I was once a thespian. Kept having to exit stage left. Now I know why. A) I didn’t know the line after he said “next”. B) I’m a major in announce. Thanks for pointing this last trait out for me. Perhaps I’d be better with fewer words. You just amusement me thats all. Oh I’lll try Twitter tomorrow. Cc this T. ( Still your deciple ) just.

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    • Kalliope says:

      Haha. Deci = 10. Disciple = follower. I am the modern mystic mother, I seek to teach others how to do for themselves. I can’t stand twitter, it is not for me. My sandbox is the planet, I’m learning how to adapt to the many effing slipstreams. Le sigh. You are a native of Bretonnian English, right? I have always moved with the mundane of the Empire.

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      • Christopher Thompson (Emphorium) says:

        Unfamiliar with the sect of deciple eh? I don’t do the romano greco shite, preferring the Eastern philosophers to teachings of Spellius Checkoff and his mob. I rejected the teachings of Grammarticus Bolloxium 30 very odd years ago. I’m more of a fan of Len and Towism. I still have a tendency to follow though. I’m less of an Apostle more of A Postal I suppose. Of course until the invention of Zero, being a Deciple was unheard of, especially among the Celtic people of North West Europe. With the comming advent of Zero being a Deciple came into its own. So there you have it.
        A Deciple is if you will pardon the Latin for a moment, a pseudo devotee. Chris T. ( not to be confused with Christ, but that’s a diffrent ball game altogether).


        • Kalliope says:

          Oh my lordy georgie pudding pie! You’re a muthafukka like me! I wrote a friggen sick as blackbird pie rhyme freaking out fresnoe-freakshow something mumble or other But the internet (shake my fist and rue at the moon) fucking just decides it wasn’t going to work anymore. So I am on my phone and typing this here yogmdell or a doodle motherfricken YoDEL OF A DOTTY DITTY. Something shitknitkickics.
          I go grecoromano because it’s…. the middle of the road for a hybrid mutantmutt such as me.
          With no place to call home except people (and omg I hate people… they always fucking hurt me), I learned to make my own way. Build my own roads and temples and whatever shit myself. A student of the ligature (strikes a pose)
          Language is trite and I serve no fucking god but myself and whatever I feel worthy of my whims. Because I’m selfish and lazy and a heart-slut. I’m all about the hearth and the home. And love and all that shit. Because passion equals fire and brimstone in many rel ig ions. So fuck em. I spread confusion and dissent by singing and sowing seeds of creative and critical thinking (while making wanking gestures with my hands) see? It’s sign language for hope and prayer. I spread these seeds of truth and light and shadow and magical delights wherever this digital world I traverse in verse and free verse and pneumatic pistons giddy up. And stuff

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  2. Christopher Thompson (Emphorium) says:

    Succinct and so so wild and free thinking, of love and the nape of the neck… This is (and I kiss my giddy aunt, thus, and so, melting both ice caps,) why I am your Deciple. I will follow you over the edge of the Earth, well nearly, just to see your hem. Thank you for being. Your eternal standard carrier, and northern hemisphere jib wiggler. Dr cc Christow Wheel Hammer The 2nd. (Your Deciple)

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  3. thecultofanne says:

    So our cult would be Die Engeln der Liebestod, to put it in a Wagnerian context. I’m not sure I could describe myself as specifically as you have. What am I? I have better ideas about who I am? (I hear a horse passing by outside my front window, which is arguably better than the sparrow who just head-butted my closed window in back.) I complain about how our amateur President can’t use words longer than two syllables, but you take syllabification to new heights. Maybe I’m a metarepresentationalist. That’s it! I’ll stick with that. *smug* (*hug*)


    • Kalliope says:

      Never heard of some of those words before, but I do enjoy learning and contemplating how they’ve been used to describe me. Haha. I’m great at stringing words and phrases together, unfortunately I suck at taking them any further than just compiling lists of epithets.
      Tell me more about what it means to be a metarepresentationalist! (Hugs and fist bumps)


  4. thecultofanne says:

    The Liebestod is an aria from the opera Tristan und Isolde by Richard Wagner. Literally, it means Love-Death. Isolde basically is singing about dying of love. She and Tristan have drunk love potions, and Isolde was banished to an island where she pines for Tristan. At the end of the aria, she dies before Tristan arrives to rescue her. A number of my short stories have oblique references to operas, mostly Wagner, although my novella Intolerance references Benjamin Britten’s Peter Grimes, although I’ll have to take out all the quotes when I publish it.

    Anyway to complete the connection Engeln is angels in German, so the phrase Die Engeln des Liebestod (I got the noun gender wrong in my previous comment.) would be The Angels of the Love-Death. If you are the angel of death and I am the angel of love, that would be the combined cult. I know, I’m just being intellectual.

    Metarepresentationalist – just wanted to invent a 9-syllable word – I suppose, as someone who goes by many names, and never my own, as well as phrases that represent me, I am the collection of those names, or the “meta”. Speaking metarepresentationalistically, of course.

    *supercalifragilisticexpiallidocious* (or something like that)

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    • Kalliope says:

      That is the friggen coolest thing ever!!! From my research clickety clicks I was able to ascertain that same information however I didn’t know if I was missing something or if there was hidden clue lol. But that story certainly is tragic.
      There’s a lot of love in my life and I am happy to share the love! Carve a smile around dead eyes, wake up the undead so they can learn to live again.
      Ugh so much tragedy, so much sads. Mary Poppins, maybe we should chalk painting jump and dance with some penguins. This van of dykes needs some musical dicks.

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