I am you, & Ennui

This one goes out to… all of eu… ja, yew. Ampersand+ plus me.

Let’s travel back in time, the journey occurs in our minds, although our bodies remain here in stasis.

The year before we embark on this boazer boat of arterial argon is 2019; I remember we started in the ionic arcades of Calcified Sun.

Follow the star healer who has power over all under 17. So is the designated limit I hereby delineate upon us, crash test dummies. Set the rampion for negative impact course through me.

LiveJournal entry from 2002, January 19.

Karma and Set disembark on the banks of the Nihil, following the trace elemental scar fissures they only know how to perceive. The vox of the pater was removed from the vanir. Mmmother said to go ask Ptah, so here we are. Vox nihili vixen viscer.

Who knew 19 I would learn to become synonymous with me? I’ve always been…

Seal of my life, engraved on my spine… words from my LJ, 06.03.02.

…a little bit too much in the head. Fuck I hate my self sometimes. It’s psycho-crazy, existing this way, in anyway that I try to communicate…

First and last seal affixed from divinity’s cortex. The orders remain unchanged and should never be meddled with. Keep the beast in the cage. Lock it up, seal it shut, and swallow the key.

Only the willing will find their way. Only the weak will want to stay. Only the worthy will I come to face. Only the knowing will remember my name.