The Call of Chaos from a point of origin

Here is my domain which I leave before you. This is the first gate that you must pass through. My psychopomp psyche beckons you to try me. I’ll petition the gods for you and relay what they say. For a little coin, or maybe a trade.

With arms wide open, a grin or grimace spreads across your face. You probably don’t know what to say to me since the time you left me here.

I am calm in the centre of the storm, you may tether yourself to me if you need help being strong. I am mmmother Chaos, if you didn’t recognise me. I know who you are. I have been in your place. What shame you must feel to be forced to face what you have so conveniently forgotten.

One of these days, Alice, one of these days… I’ll get it right, I promise you. Slice by slice.

Out of the void of my nothingness, I was born. An electrical storm of warring explosions, I tore myself apart and then there were 2 – of me. A reflection, you see. A different version, negative, polarised, and again integrated and synthesised.

I keep changing faces because I am nigh happy with my appearance, my representation of myself.

16 thoughts on “The Call of Chaos from a point of origin

  1. Christopher Thompson (Emphorium) says:

    And in the end at the other extreme, even The Elements of Self will self distruct, then where will anyone of us be? It is the deception of self which constitues the Cosmic appraisal of existence. No mind is tangible let alone the waste of senseless introspection. Make sense of a spark and you have solved eternity. Until that is achieved forget self. Image is as ephemeral as the latest thought. I speak from above and beyond. I am your version of the attosecond, visualised as a powder pyff of wicked blue smoke. I simply drain my self during the search. I talk utter drivel so to speak. ?Haben Sie etwas zu vorzollen. Chris z. T.

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    • Kalliope says:

      i know i am the kimbecile of all fallen and fritznik, but there is no other place as wondrous as existence. to feel and experience, and get lost only to be found again. what exhilaration to dance and sing and love and cook and eat and touch and swim and rest and lie… to serve no one other than the self and those who one loves.
      I’ve been selfless, I’ve given so much before I was left a husk of a human. Took a very long time to rehydrate myself into a functional whole.
      All those spiritual awakenings and enlightened experiences that take place in the desert? Many of us fell, but not all of us where found. Not everyone has the fortune of living and experiencing everything. Yes, it is suffering, but I will have lived before I eventually fade out and die.

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