Aquateo family quadratics

My father was Pekka, my grandfather Toivo. Their names anglicised as Peter and Tony… In generational order from ancient through history to modern, our initials are TPK. What does that spell? Total Party Kill.

Long ago I said I was of the North in terms of heritage, but I am here in the south as it is my destiny. So was the will of my father, as willed by his father before him.

How to reach daath.exe

He goes east/west, left/right, along the land, the horizon, searching for the path of the rising sun, the pin-point in which the light of the world rises as if out of the ground.

Child, it is a matter is perspective, which encompasses a vast distance. The origin you are in search of is beyond the visible horizon. Outside of your biosphere.

K is me. I am k. Pronounced in anyway you wish to say. I know what you mean when you speak to me, but I know it is not always me to whom you are speaking.

I will not assume you are talking to me, even if you say my name. For I know I am a more than I physically am, I am the noun: a person, place and thing. Personal, proper, a particular particle or participle.

My name is and can be used by any & every man, woman, child. Broken down piece by piece. Sibyl syllables, constant consonants, vocalised vowels or velar stops. Lines become letters, symbols or signs. The sound or the look of the essence expressed.

Thus, beg of thee, behold. The essence of myself is revealed in my wyrd way with words. The many faces of my construction, for I (in the flesh) am a reconstruction. A reconstituted replica of my energy, the residual ripples of my presence one existed…

The faceted gemstone tumbled or carved, a cabochon of carbon, polished refinement within a bezel of brilliance.

You honour my theurge when you practice what they preach, wear my symbol in your ignorance. The aegis bore my face but the significance was erased, replaced the meaning of my symbol with some bullshit, semi-heca-tonnes of it.

I am sick of the eternal charade, Charlemagne. Bring me back, you know I am capable of – I see. I will silence my self, not by you. I will be, the bijou. A shiny thingy, but be careful for my sharpness is subtle. I will pierce you to get to your heart.

I have said there are 4 sides to every war and I represent side 3. It’s difficult to specify where (or why) exactly we split… is it really an inevitability, our evolution toward purity?

I enjoy being, together mecum // thetis dance opifex. eclipse, the first… handle I made… in the heat of the furnace… lady eclipse… I see… It’s me. Again. (Holy fuck, I really have been everywhere)

My syntax is nonsense, don’t worry about it. What is important right now is to communicate my essence. My origin or original inclination, where I reflected myself in line with my own will. Thus I was damned and obscured by their word.” (Interrobang, I shoot them down, bang bang. I am faster than they could ever imagine, or hope)

My husband up top, I’m at the bottom. My wings are made from blades, not feathers.

The cameo of Kim is the face of existence. Stare out into the abyss, and see the al-k(al)i-neo jal kymo record the changes of energy ro/te/chno an topographic…

… fuck it. I don’t even remember what I was trying to say. This post has been added to at various points throughout the day.