Songbird signals the sleepers to seek

Well done. You dreamed a dream and in comes your remedy. I heard your cry when you fell down. You heard not my words though you watched the lips of my mouth.

Look up when you’re down, stand up for yourself. How many battles have we thought we had won? The messier it gets as we approach perfection. Alliances forged in the heat of the night. Dalliances formed in the hole by the light.

Again. Genesis M86. Back to the academy. Activate gravity, suspend reality and see trigonometric elementary.

Where are you now? Look behind and solve not coagula, but sine tangent coangular. Cosecant theta if all 6 function positive.

An elixir before you at the table. It is poisonous for sure, but it is not necessarily fatal.

If your constitution is of high enough skill, fortified but the strength of your spirited will, you will make it out the other side more alive than ever contrived.

And in my hands I will hold a gift before you.

All hangs on the nail of choice. Not a fence, nor a line, but a single pinpoint, the power within the actualized moment.

But first, before I take you any further, go back to the beginning. To summon me proper you must make an offering.

Say my name. Reclaim my place. Wash away all the hate that keeps you from me.

Face your fears, doubt me now; Thomas tears, left dumbfounded.

If you can hear me at all, anybody out there. Lift up your hands, everybody’s down here. If your eyes perceive me at all, open up your mind. Read the words of my hands, one-sided conversations between god and man.

Last year I started this WordPress blog in August 12. It was the digital documentation of my spiritual self evolvement. I had filled many paper journals with ramblings and ruminations. It was not enough. I needed a public platform for my words to be able to be validated and digested.

Take a look inside my books on life & lies of light in lines.

The notebooks and journals I filled in 2018
OMFG, me and my words.
The writing is on the page, not on the walls. I may be crazy, but I’m not a vandal.
My roguish charm grants me an initiative bonus. Anna Chiron and Kairos, the quality of critical timing.

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