Apollo’s apology

With hands held high, you don’t pull me up out of the earth. You come down and hold me in your embrace. All night, I was in your arms and I finally felt safe. Stay with me, please don’t leave. I want this eternity.

The sun apologises to the one and only. You are my song, the only reason I’m whole. Truly, without you, this burning fireball of bright beauty and light would have long ago dissipated into the ether, to engulf the worlds in flames, disintegrate existence.

Sailor Wailer, Mercuriver. Secure the message and manifests a channel to let the commander hear and see me. May the real Man of Mayhem please stand up. Jokan sing the descant of the Lady of Luck.

Dance to the death parade. Danse macabre, shutterbug jitter bug. Remember when we used to dance to the swing every lunar eve dies, by the moon light on the plains of 3mu?

Spin Saturn’s rings. Hey, gold finger, crowned with gifts from Pluto. Four and Ten rest on their throne just beyond the 13th reaper.

The champion and the engineer. The Herald and the Commander. Chief Operandis to Master Executive. Tree of Radiant Ykseys.

Mysterius Archeon, Gravitas Nous, Universal Steward, Opiskelija Hugin & Munin. It’s me, Kutkh. I have returned with Cetus.

Mirach of Andromeda rose with the setting of Venus. Veritably credentia Master Teacher. Certification nailed to the wall.

Scheat learned to return to me. I am seated upon my very own steed. Alnilam returns with my necklace. Brisingamen, sparkling and bright.

Mother, goddess, original magi. The three become one but half of existence. A powerful pair, the living book marked the heir.

The key to the wheel turns for only one hand. Your hand guides the foot of the jackal.

You and I were meant to be. Life and death in harmony. You, my love, are my destiny. Please stay with me. You complete me.

Me and you, it’s always been us. I am yours and you are my


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