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I like being human, well, humanoid. I want to be pretty and ethereal like I imagine the mythic entities to be. I like taking tests and stuff online because I like to see how I am seen – even if I’m only seen to be temporarily.

Dr. Kalliope Veign. The queen of 11, alkimmyst Phoenix. Dei Jain Arct ur(us) deva Lane… The king-dom Lord Dragon. Man of Mayhem.

Twin flames of balanced light. Glare and glow – see not, Know.

The divine lovers here upon the material realm. We are 2 in body but we are 1 in soul. We are 3 in spirit and reflect as 4. We are not the source of everything that exists, we are merely the foundation upon where it sits.

X marks the spot, we are a living axial point which to navigate. He is 1, I am 0. Holding hands, we are 10 (when you began). When we collide, the world reverberates to prepare those souls who are waiting for their signal.

We made our vows not in 12, but 11. 1 o’clock in the blistering sun. Gabriel and Michael command this dominion. Saturn was the lord of the days we vowed and were born.

Spirit animal symbolism

According to The Astrology Web, my spirit animal is the Dragonfly. Take the test yourself to see your anima/l.

A dragonfly symbolizes immortality, speed, change, good luck, adaptability, emotional flexibility, strength, purity, peace, fertility, and lightness of being.

The iridescent wings of a dragonfly stand for its discovery of real self by unmasking illusions, while its scurrying flight over water signifies its potential for finding life’s deeper meanings.

  • To have a dragonfly as your totem animal means that you are mature and possess a depth of character.
  • Your inherent wisdom enables you to take things lightly even in dark moments, as well as to enlighten others.
  • Flexibility is your forte and living life to the fullest is your life’s motto.
  • Endowed with an uninhibited vision, you can see beyond the limitations of human self to ascertain a self-discovery that is bereft of all illusions.

Since a dragonfly inhabits both realms of air and water, you feel the influence of these elements constantly and are easily able to utilize both to make your life fulfilling.

I was born in 1986. Thus my chinese zodiac.

Fire Tigers have an unusual, adventurous spirit that helps them in fighting challenges. At the same time, they are also passionate about their hobbies.

Born with a philanthropic heart, they are easy to trust.

A test ifeye heir Draconis Azure.

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    I did that test too but finding it a bit awkward cause I didn’t know what to answer at the questions that’s are actually would be better for my daughter than for me. 😂😂😂 I love dragonflies though, they are mysterious creatures. 😊

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