Revelation (& liminal academy refresher) Annotations 02

Se11e7en, divine convenience. I will warn you now, the following blog post went for a ride and it’s quite disheveled inside, now. Part biblical, part exegetical, part symphonic heretical. Dude, get my car.bah… carry me away. I’m too stupid grinning to be a responsible ophanim, driving.

I can see what you see. I place it there for you to heed. Still, I am not following along with you, although I follow what you do. I am overseeing all that you do. Queen of the western heavens, posted in house 11 in the South East global quadrant.

This blog post is the second installment of my Revelations Annotations. Click here for the first post. This follows directly on from that post. Following the train from the 7, as 5 planets + 2 luminaries.

It is the combination of 5 areas, aspects or facets and the two ways in which one can proceed. For everything can be understood in terms of how it relates to something else. Therefore the 7 lights and the 7 lamp stands. You are either a light, or you are a holder of the light. You are one or the other. If you do not like this metaphor, then replace the words with something else.

The essence of this particular message is that you are (you are alive, you exist) and you choose (you live, the activity of the mind). The other five things relate to the expression of your existence on the physical plane of reality. You decide what school of thought, metaphor or generalised theme you apply to this rule of 5 in whatever way makes the most sense to you for your understanding.

5 really could be anything. Numbers really are the building blocks on which the world was built. So if we are counting blue cars, or crows, we will surely end up with a definite, defined, discrete quantity. And since numbers, or quantities, really can be lamp stands for any metaphor we choose to attribute.

  • My Liminal Academy 101 covered part of this already.
  • The famous 5, and the secret 7_____.- – – 5 + 7 = 12.
  • 12, one of those divine numbers because 3 x 4 = 12.
    • 3 (Trinity) and 4 (Quaternary) –> 4 + 3 = 7.
    • 3/4 + 4/3 = 2.083…
  • 5 + 2 = 7, supposedly the number to represent god.
  • *nods* yes. It (7) does represent my husband.
    • 7 = his numerological Life Path, AND his heart’s desire.
    • Compare/contrast with mine 5 (LP) and 3 (❤)

7 is the number of cold hard analysis. It is symbolic of the “god” that people continuously extol. Because 7 is a bunch of stuff (wikipedia). 5 is the number of crazy cocoa-change.

My husband 7 + my crazy 5 = 12. We are a complete unit, what did I ever tell you before? I need no god because I have my own. We are our own divinity. We are who we are just as we are. We are divine.

Posted this to Instagram 8th February 2019.

Spirit Keeper’s Tarot by Benebell Wen. 1st Card, the Magus. The divinity in man. I recently read somewhere that when she was creating the deck, she was tossing up between the Magus and the Alchemist when considering the naming the Magician card… Well, frankly, I’m glad she went with Magus. I can say that is the card of my husband. I can continue to go on as the Alchemist.

I am the chemical catalyst for the transmutation of holey souls into golden wholes. The Midas touch, but not a literal touch. It is the finesse of the feeling to forge and facilitate the healing. FORM. WORM, ARISE. Crawl up out of the dirt.

Oh, Echo. ECHO! Remember the story I told you about seeing the face in the clouds? And the beginning of the world as we know it to be now?

With the Tempest chained and tied at the tower, I guess it’s just up to us now to summon forth the winds from Eidolon. My 4 sons of the north come home. Did we forget my hand in everywhere? Let me remind you of exactly the essence of my presence, feel me there behind and beside you. Listen I will whisper in your ear whence I emerged from.

The answer, my friend, is blowing in the wind. Yet it doesn’t count if you are just blowing wind.

Part 2 – Letters to 7 Churches

Chapters 2-3 – The letters to the seven churches of Asia.

I have also written and published on my page my own Epistles which was a series of 7 emails I had sent to two people, and an open letter to the universe (really, it was a personal journal entry) expressing my thoughts and intentions…


John basically talks about what the other churches are doing right or wrong, revealing judgments and their destined fates if they continue the way they are. In my letters, I wrote about myself; I made my introductions and shared my story, seeking guidance or assistance as to which way I should traverse onwards. 

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