Kisschasy – Opinions…

Reposted an old blog post about opinions, and then this song sprang to mind. This song is from another Australian band, Kisschasy. This is from their 2007 album, Hymns for the Non Believer.

Kisschasy – opinions won’t keep you warm at night.

Wait while jealousy tears you apart / I’m sorry but I cannot help the way you are / That we do the things you can’t / Just wait 
Can’t you see you’re being weak? / It’s shallow and dark you know every time you speak / You’re just lying through your teeth / Sometimes, days are like this and you don’t agree with what you see / But I will never let the bitter things you say ever get to me

We are everything you wish you were / But, I’m feeling kinda concerned / We’re probably friends / But you hide from consequence / Yeah you must have a lot of spare time / To put down the words that you write / But no one cares / You should put your mind to rest

Men in Black, skeletons in my closet. Remember lex night of the Edgar Cayce suit.

Notte getting better, are you any bitter? Euterpe, undertow ypred.

She’s a maniac, maniac, that’s for sure. Mental menagerie of memes, I was what Willis was talking about. Wilson.
Stabbing westward, I cannot save you, I can’t even save myself. My darkest days. Save yourself from a life full of lies, pain and sorrow.

Andromeda rising. She enters through the secret door. Finds herself caught in his throat. From her body does Elysium grow in the space between the mirage and the miracle.

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