Rerun 015: I wish I was artistic

27 August 2018

I wish I could just do that. Create intuitively. I’m like that with words. And I’m stuck writing poetry. Which is nice, but poetry is contrite… it is subject to such analysis and the creation, the art itself, suffers such torture. And the poet… ugh. It’s such bullshit. Haha. At least if I painted or drew.. or if my art was aesthetically beautiful and appreciated that way, then maybe I’d feel better about it.

I write creative non fiction, the poet in the prose, and it’s such bullshit. Because it’s not poetry that i want to create. It’s understanding, knowledge and wisdom and practical processes! That’s what I want to give. And there’s nothing practical about poetry.

I should have been born a minstrel. I probably was a bard. But isn’t this the wrong century for that kind of thing? It’s the future we are heading. And we can learn from the past. And here I am with one foot on either side, straddling the fissure, I’m powerless in between…

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