Rise up and march, my Skelita-on amoury

Well done, look how far you’ve come

It is 6:56am, Monday morning on the day – March forth. Out of the valley. The valley of death, the valley of dry bones. Ezekiel 37 was always my favourite biblical story.

It speaks of a valley of dried bones, and the prophet spoke the word of god to them, and they formed together and grew flesh. They were given life and became an army.

It was supposed to teach about the power of the word of God. I always took “omg necromancy! Cool!” From it. A cool zombie skeleton army of vampires and ghoulish undead.

My children. My followers. The writers I read, guard and watch. I am working today and don’t have time to be making posts on WordPress. I may be able to check out some stuff but don’t expect much from me.

I’ve been called to work, and then today is also one of my tutoring days. So I’m kind of flat out. Thus the need to bring back my morning muse report- so you know what’s going on.

It is 7:06am now. I must get on with readying myself for the day.

I want you all to know how very proud of you I am. You can do this. Your bread. Your nourishment. Self sufficiency to sustain your spirit when all hope seems lost.

Survival. Just gotta hold out until reinforcements arrive. Survive long enough to see the return of the light to the love of your lives.

2 thoughts on “Rise up and march, my Skelita-on amoury

    • Kalliope says:

      I know I live in the future. That’s why I’m prime muse reporter #1 You hear it all from me if not first, then at least the first one that speaks clearly. Ready yourselves. Because by me just speaking of what transpires influences slight changes into their outward manifest outcome… that who knows what chaos that will unleash. LOL. I love your support and contributions. Keep it up. We’re team p3nK!

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